Getting to know Caitlin Johnson, AKA - Big World Small Girl / by Jadon Flores

Check out her Instagram  bigwrldsmallgrl

Check out her Instagram bigwrldsmallgrl

What I love about the beer community is the way we can all share our passion with each other over some great brews! I recently reached out to several friends of mine, some in the beer industry and some who are known for being avid beer lovers. Caitlin Johnson also known as her Instagram tag bigwrldsmallgrl is a great writer on local breweries and events in the Austin, Texas area specifically. She loves to travel and write on her website about her wonderful adventures (mostly beer-related of course)! I had the opportunity to talk briefly with her a bit to get some insight on what got her into publicizing her beerventures!

How long have you been posting beer related pictures and stories?

Nearly 3 and a half years now.

What got you into it?

My love of travel and telling stories. I've always loved to travel and write. As of a few years ago visiting the local breweries (and bars/distilleries/wineries) wherever I go has always been my favorite part, if not oftentimes my inspiration on 'where to go next'.

Favorite beer(s) and brewery?

Beer: I've always loved cream ales, and I think the best one is DOME FAUX'M which comes from Houston's 8th Wonder Brewery. It's crisp and easy-drinking, perfect for these 9-month-long Texas summers.

Brewery: Brewery-wise, I'm a sucker for my neighborhood brewery, Brewtorium in Austin. It feels like home! And it's just a 3-minute walk from my house, one of their incredible core beers is one of my favorite styles (Vienna Lager), and their food menu is off the chart!

Though, my favorite brewery to recommend is Austin's Southern Heights. They're rather new, and not so close to the central Austin area, but my goodness, they're brewing some incredible beers out there. The taproom is gorgeous and the staff are friendly and helpful. IPAs are so hot right now and they're knocking it out of the park with a menu full of them. So I love to recommend them, I feel safe knowing they'll impress any beer-drinking tourist traveling to Austin.

What is your “White Whale” beer(s)?

I'm not much of a white whale beer drinker! My favorite beers are the ones that I can pick up at my local beer store.
BUT, if I had to pick, I do love the Wiley Roots Brewing Company (Greely, CO) Slush Variants series. I'm pretty sure they're taproom only, and I've only had them once at a bottle share, but I was lucky enough to try about six of them at that share. I was so blown away. Would love to have easier access to those :)

What is your "day job"?

I work as a Content and Community Manager as my "9-5". I work in eCommerce Education and we have a global community of 10,000+ members! So I keep up with them, manage our blog and podcast, and run our social media and graphics departments. I work remotely though. So I have tons of freedom and opportunities to travel.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Besides visiting breweries/drinking craft beer and coming up with ideas for new content... In my spare time, I love to garden, run on trails with my dog, and keep up with my biggest guilty pleasure: celebrity gossip.

What would you like to let people know about yourself?

I don't think I'd ever make for a great brewer. I'm not patient. I tend to cut corners and rush the process to save time. Those aren't ideal qualities in a good brewer. :)

Caitlin was also one of those recommended by Uproxx in their article These ‘Beer Influencers’ Are Actually Worth Following On Instagram which got a lot of attention with the BrewBound debacle. I was able to touch on this subject a little in my personal article Gender in the Brewing Industry and Beer-based Social Media, but for her response she did go onto social media and voice her opinion (below). Kick butt women are the reason the beer industry exists in the first place, so let’s all support each other and drink a few brews together!

There are tons of other questions I wasn’t able to ask her but you can always find out more about Caitlin in her website post 29 Non-Beer Related Things to Know About Me as well as the variety of articles on traveling, beer and the diverse Austin scenery!

Until next time, Cheers!

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“Then it just like, goes to sh*t and it’s all chicks who basically take photos of themselves in like low-cut tops with beer… It’s like One Hoppy Lady, Big World Small Girl, Beer Bitty, Is Beer a Carb. I mean it’s like, you know, girls in tight clothing and bathing suits and low cut… apparently those are the ones worth following.” - @brewboundfurn . . Those were the words from @Brewbound’s Chris Furnari in response to an article written by Uproxx regarding the “Beer Influencers Actually Worth Following on Instagram”. Chris liked the list and agreed with it until he got to the women. 🤦‍♀️ . . Also, a HUGE thank you to @literally_justine for bringing these comments to light. 👏👏👏 Swipe to see the transcripts of his comments. . . I was one of the women he listed as taking nothing but photos of them in low-cut tops with beer. And at first I was like, “What?! ME??? That’s not me.” But then my next line of thinking was, “So what if it was??? So what if I choose to show more cleavage? Does that invalidate my opinion? Why should it make him, or anyone else respect me less?” . . Then here’s my next problem, actually my biggest problem… Let me tell you about the specific women he listed… Joy of @beerbitty, has been blogging about and working in the craft beer industry for nearly a decade. Bella of @onehoppylady is a Certified Cicerone Beer Server! 👏 And finally, Meg of @isbeeracarb is a professional brewer with a resume that includes Modern Times! These are the type of women that Chris Furnari finds a problem with. From his misogynistic comments, it’s mainly because of what we *wear* in the photos we share with craft beer. . . Last I checked, craft beer didn’t have a dress code. 🙄His comments are toxic and flat out sexist. And for them to come from the leadership of what was regarded as a respected voice in the industry, just makes it that much more upsetting.

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